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No Man’s Land

©2014 Mike Nickols

June Lake Ice

By the time June rolls around, depending on what latitude you live on, you could easily be swimming in warm waters. Move farther north, in Alaska, and it’s a different story. If you live in the southeast there is a good chance your garden might be up, and for those along the valley floors, where temperatures are warm, summer is usually in full swing. You’re probably not going to be doing a lot of swimming though.

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Lost in the Wild

Black bear walking around the lake. Mike Nickols

After spending a lot of time in the “woods,” I’ve always felt I have a pretty good sense of direction. Given decent weather and reasonable visibility I’ve always been confident in my ability to find my way home, back to camp, or wherever I’m headed. It’s never been much of a problem. I don’t mean to sound cocky-I’ve little doubt other folk’s abilities exceed mine, but a sense of direction is just a given for anyone who has spent a lot of time in the great outdoors. You learn to keep your bearings without even thinking about it. It’s about as natural as walking for a lot of folks.

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Dogs Part 1

It all started out innocently enough. Ending up with a yard full of huskies did not even cross our minds at the time. Living in the Alaska Bush was new to us. We had our family Airedale, “Buddy.” He… Full story

Dogs Part 2

“…as I was running along behind the sled up a small hill … I got to thinking … geez *pant, pant* if we had, one more dog *pant, pant* we would have … thirty-three percent more power.” Full Story


Our Perfect Christmas

Our first couple of winters living in the bush were a bit hard, no question about that. While we have done without on more than one occasion, we’ve found that by shifting, modifying, or simply making… Full story


It’s kind of a bad neighborhood out here. Although, upon first moving out into the Bush, we didn’t know it for quite a few years. The first four years we had a bit of airplane “traffic” flying over… Full story

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First, I would like to clarify that I do not consider myself an Alaskan Bush Pilot. I have flown in Alaska, both summer and winter, for over 20 years. I have a fair amount of experience, and have had… Full story

Winter’s Meat

The bull was legal, I was confident of that. Even from three quarters of a mile away we could see his spread, the blood red horns. Freshly rubbed velvet hung in dark brown strips like Spanish moss in… Full story

Summer at Caribou Lodge Alaska


For most of the people and critters who live out in it, the Alaskan Bush can be a land of feast and famine. We’ve seen and learned a lot living out here over the last twenty years. Winters can… Full story

Caribou Lodge, AK

Beginnings of a Wilderness Education

I have said for years, after I finally reached the age that I truly realized it, that life is an ongoing learning experience. Every day brings something new no matter where you live or how old you… Full story

Hiking near Denali.

The List

The Alaskan wilderness has an allure for a few folks, not everyone for sure, but for some there is a strong draw. It truly is a last frontier. As for myself, the idea of living in the “Alaskan… Full story